Barista Training

There is nothing more important than well trained staff!

~3 ways to improve your customers’ coffee experience~


Instill a passion for coffee and customer service.

We have found that even after training some people just don’t get coffee!

To make GREAT COFFEE you need to want to make GREAT COFFEE!

Your staff need to understand where coffee comes from and why it is important to store, grind and dispense coffee in a particular way.



You and your staff need to learn who your customers are

Integral to any café’s  operation is return customers.

  1. Learn your customers’ names
  2. Remember what they drink
  3. Remember what car they drive so you can have their coffee waiting for them when they get to the counter


Experienced or not, we believe there’s always something to learn about coffee, let’s share the knowledge around.

Most people, with the right training can embark on the road to perfect the art of the espresso. You just have to want to.

From competency based training and assessment for one or all of your staff to a friendly chat about coffee, River Roast can help.

We live and breathe coffee, so we are happy to provide training to all of our customers. Training is available free subject to conditions.

Outsourced Training

We recommend Real Coffee for Barista Training if you are setting up and as yet have no premises to train at.